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For Waterloo CS488 (Graphics), I made an interactive 3D go board. As part of the assignment we had to implement a lot of graphical features with OpenGL, so I implemented reflections, particles, texture and bump mapping, and ellipsoid/rectangular collisions.

I didn’t implement the rules of Go. Instead you can arbitrarily pick up and throw stones around.

3D go board game opengl 3D go board game textures

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  1. I found ur site via kongregate 10s war.
    It is a pretty awesome game for such a simple one. Also superb idea to put a level editor in there.

    Are you familiar with Populous? I found a browser version of it named aztec god. Thought to suggest you make a game with some similar principals. I think it would be right around your alley. If I may suggest to make it a bit more than populous though, maybe mix some Civilization kind of tech variables, and Meaglomania like concuest aspect, but still keeping that RTS vector landscape, or similarish like in that (old flying carpet mage game for Amiga in wich you fought with an other mage, its name escapes me) or “virus”. Could use some kind hero based on traditional RPG, but not the boring conventional mage/fighter/cleric divison, but more like skyrim style character build, that allow total game breakers in terms of balance, and some exerting godly povers for the players to counter those heroes as in populous.

    If the game should have dificulty settings, then it shoud not just be that the computer player is moving so fast that your machine freezes, and suddenly you have a text on the screen “you lose”, nor a choise “easy/normal/hard/etc.”, but rather a multiple choise for opponent unit strength, startting “money”, agression, AI quality, opponent speed, and so on. Though in a game like described abowe an AI would propably be an awesome challenge so maybe only make a PvP version… multi player for few people would be close as dificult as 1 vs 1, I assume. Though I know how to produce code, I never have done so. Alas I dont know how much work any of such things would entitle. But to put out an agels classic like populous, lemmings, simcity, master of orion, diablo II, chess, Go, or what ever, it actually should not be relevant how much wor it was while under production. I heard (planescape)Torment II got unlimited recourses and time schedule after the first was such a praised success in 1999. Though that game (the first one) has dropped out of todays graphical expectations, it still is IMO one of the best thought complex storylines, with such a huge wariety of character choises that all lead to the inevitable ending, assuming the character isn’t too weak to get there. For example Str chars can break through a porticulis, but agility and intelligense cahracters can deduce or trick their way forward in an other place, and priestly characters have yet an other option that leads them to that same path as the Int and Agi chars a bit later, and even later joins with the path of the Str choise. Also it is built in a kronological manner so you can not do everything wiht any characters. (But you can do many storyline starts though, sometimes even few different storyline endings.)

    I would sggest it to be possible to change the timescale, but always to set time acording to the slowest setting, and there would be good to have min. amd max timescale setting in the game creation phase.

    No demos available of your other games? I was trying to find that Go game. I saw a decent Go routine some 15 years ago, that beat me every time with hard setting, but was easy on other 4 dificulties. A shame I can’t find it anymore. Nor have I found any other Go games online worth playing.

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