Ludum Dare 17 – Naval RTS

I’ve always been a fan of Realtime Strategy games. For Ludum Dare 17 I decided to make an RTS game while trying to keep my scope as reasonable as possible.

Tiny Armada
Tiny Armada

Download Tiny Armada (Windows)

Mouse to select and order your units.
Select your capital to train additional units.
Merchants provide income over time when ordered to a small colony, galleys fight enemy ships and capture cities for you.
Destroying an enemy capital will give you control over that player’s units.

Friendly cities repair nearby ships.

R to restart.

The theme was islands, so in my game the units are boats, buildings are coastal cities, and you generate income by sending trading ships to other cities.

It ended up scoring quite well, ranking #2 overall, #4 for fun, and #7 for theme, out of 204 games.

You can see the scoring results at

Also as a bonus, here are some progress pictures:

first mockup







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