LD 40 – Collateral Damage

For Ludum Dare 40 I created a top-down shooter where you defend a pair of planets from alien invasion.

The theme was “The more you have, the worse it is”, so as you level-up, you gain more powerful attacks and it becomes difficult to not shoot at the planets that you are trying to defend.

You can play it in a browser at almost.itch.io.
The Ludum Dare submission can be seen at ldjam.com

Ludum dare 40 Collateral Damage, a top down shooter

Ludum dare 40 Collateral Damage, a top down shooter

3D Go

This is a few months old now, but I figured it was worth posting here.

For CS488 (Graphics), I made an interactive 3D go board. As part of the assignment we had to implement a lot of graphical features with OpenGL, so I implemented reflections, particles, texture and bump mapping, ellipsoid and rectangular collisions.


I didn’t implement the rules of Go. Instead you can arbitrarily pick up and throw stones around.


LD 29 – The Mine

LD 29 was the last weekend, themed beneath the surface. I made a game where you give commands and these miners go dig and collect resources for you. It turned out pretty well for 48 hours, but still feels a bit incomplete in terms of a lack of win condition or difficulty.

It’s mouse controlled, Q/Escape to quit. Instructions are in game.

Windows (4MB)

Mac OSx (5MB)


The source is on Github. I’ve also moved a lot of my older projects onto github.

Here are some pictures:


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ATA Hackathon Game

So I haven’t updated this in a very long time.

I am currently working at A Thinking Ape, and there was an internal hackathon last week. The project that my group worked on ended up turning out pretty well, so we’ve been making some changes to it afterwards and I figure it is worth showing off. I worked with two other coops and we convinced a couple of the artists to make art for us.

The game is a platforming arena game, with controller and keyboard support for offline multiplayer, and the goal is to be the last man standing. I did a lot of the entity, state, and animation logic, as well as tweaking the behaviour of a lot of other aspects.

Screenshot 2014-04-16 15.35.08 Screenshot 2014-04-16 15.36.26(2) Screenshot 2014-04-16 15.36.40(2)

Progress: Ten Second War

I’ve been putting a lot of finishing touches on the flash version of Ten Second War recently and thought I would show some pictures comparing the graphical style of the new version and what I will refer to as the beta that I released so long ago. The new version also has a lot of new mechanics and features like level sharing and highscores.

<Edit: you can now play it at Kongregate, or on this site at almostmatt.com/tsw >

updated art flood2shot16 ninjas again
updated art shelter

Work in Progress, Drawing program

I’ve decided that current drawing programs are not good enough and so have decided to try to make my own, with a better sense of object center, symmetry, per layer tools, and automatically decreasing the alpha for inactive layers.

Here are a couple of sketches made in a recent version.

img17 ship doodle

img16 doodle

You can download my program here, although it requires Adobe Air which you can get here.

It’s pretty stable although the UI is a bit rough still. The “more” box has toggles for symmetry and a draw/erase toggle, the color picker has red green blue hue saturation value and alpha sliders, and the sliders next to the layers are alpha-while-active and alpha-while-inactive. The pointer tool is a color picker. Z is a hotkey for clear layer and most things are undoable (clear layer, resize canvas, draw, erase, delete layer). It can save as a custom file format with layer information or flatten and save to a png.

Ludum Dare 25 entry

Ludum Dare 25 was this weekend, and so I have been working on something. The theme requirement is that the player be the villain, so you are a terrible person who kills innocent cylinders and sets trees on fire.

You can download it here (Wandering Villain (Windows)) if you want to try it.

Wandering Villain
Wandering Villain

The following is a series of screenshots of progress. Unfortunately I had to cut a lot of feature ideas due to performance issues and time constraints, but it still looks pretty cool to see it develop.
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