ATA Hackathon Game

So I haven’t updated this in a very long time.

I am currently working at A Thinking Ape, and there was an internal hackathon last week. The project that my group worked on ended up turning out pretty well, so we’ve been making some changes to it afterwards and I figure it is worth showing off. I worked with two other coops and we convinced a couple of the artists to make art for us.

The game is a platforming arena game, with controller and keyboard support for offline multiplayer, and the goal is to be the last man standing. I did a lot of the entity, state, and animation logic, as well as tweaking the behaviour of a lot of other aspects.

Screenshot 2014-04-16 15.35.08 Screenshot 2014-04-16 15.36.26(2) Screenshot 2014-04-16 15.36.40(2)

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