Ten Second War

Play Ten Second War:


Mouse to select a unit, WASD to move, mouse to shoot. F finishes the current unit.

After up to 10 seconds pick a different unit and repeat.


In Ten Second War, you control a single unit in a top down shooter way for up to 10 seconds, and then rewind time and control a different unit. In this way, you are able to give instructions to all of the units to be executed simultaneously and coordinate an efficient attack.

There are 50+ levels, a bunch of different and unique unit types, a level editor, and the ability to play and rate levels created by other players.

I also created my own high score and level sharing server for this game, which also has replays associated with each high score that can be viewed in the game.

The music is created by DST from http://nosoapradio.us/

The Flood level in Ten Second War

The duel gunner in TSW

Ten Second War flash highscores leaderboards menu level select

The main menu of Ten Second War, including credits and other options


2 thoughts on “Ten Second War

  1. Hi, maybe can to add ‘Ten Second War” game highscores in “Newgrounds” page, because I reinstalled “Windows” in my web browser and now I can’t to see my times in the game, because disappeared my solved worlds… Please help me :)

    1. I don’t think that I can help you. The high scores are saved online, but they aren’t associated with the newgrounds account so reinstalling Windows/Web Browser means you no longer see your old scores.

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