LD 29 – The Mine

Ludum Dare 29 was the last weekend, and the theme was ‘Beneath the Surface’. I made a game where you give commands and these miners go dig and collect resources for you. It turned out pretty well for 48 hours, but still feels a bit incomplete in terms of a lack of win condition or difficulty.

It’s mouse controlled, Q/Escape to quit. Instructions are in game.

Windows (4MB)

Mac OSx (5MB)

The source is on Github. I’ve also moved a lot of my older projects onto github.

Here are some pictures:

Ludum dare 29 the mine digging

Ludum Dare 29 the mineLudum Dare 29 the mine torches caves

Teaching computer controller characters how to behave is fun, although for this I gave them the ability to dig through walls and place floating platforms, so getting from point A to B became a lot easier

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